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Categorical Variables

A categorical or discrete variable is one that has two or more categories (values).  There are two types of categorical variable, nominal and ordinal.  A nominal variable has no intrinsic ordering to its categories. For example, gender is a categorical variable having two categories (male and female) with no intrinsic ordering to the categories. An ordinal variable has a clear ordering. For example, temperature as a variable with three orderly categories (low, medium and high). A frequency table is a way of counting how often each category of the variable in question occurs. It may be enhanced by the addition of percentages that fall into each category.

Univariate Analysis - Categorical

Statistics Visualization Description
Count Bar Chart

 The number of values of the specified variable.

Count% Pie Chart

 The percentage of values of the specified variable.

Example: The housing variable with three categories (for free, own and rent).